Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I remembering opening up the back of T magazine a little more than 3 years ago and seeing a pair of wayfarers. Something about their classic, strong design resonated deeply with me, and I remember showing the image to my friends who reactions were general confusement and bemusement. But one of them saw a pair in longs drugs and got them for me (what good friends i have!) so i spent the entire summer wearing too-large mens sunglasses and loving it.

Next thing i knew they were everywhere. it was the invasion of the wayfarers. But somewhere along the way they had lost their charm. While their ubiquity definitely contributed to my aversion, what I disliked the most was their transformation. They had lost their cool, debonair, masculine roots and instead had become part of the brooklyn-ite uniform. From sturdy and sea-worthy to shaggy and smelly.

I've put the wayfarers away, but then i see images like these and all of my distaste for them drains away

I mean if they're good enough for kennedy, they're good enough for me?

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