Sunday, June 24, 2012

Alabama Shakes

Today I had the joy of watching them perform with Styrafoam Jones on the b52 organ.  Hard to listen to these songs again without that funk in the background. 

New York

In the summer New York can get unpleasant.  The heat intensifies the omnipresent scent of garbage, which is now mixed in with the smell of streetside kebab vendors and sweat.

I've written about before how my relationship with New York was not love at first sight.

But my position on it has softened.  In little ways the city has snuck up on me.  Its the conversation with a stranger, now a neighbor, at the local coffee shop.  Its spending 5 minutes at the met before realizing, i'm way too hungover for this.  But it's ok, because the met, its not going anywhere.  Its great afternoons like today, where I listened to my favorite new band put on an amazing show, in exchange for donating just a few benjmins.

Ricky Lauren

Words of Wisdom

I like things that are worn. I don't like newness... I still wear old things. And I wear new things. And the old things that I love are non-fashion. There's a timeless quality and an unfashionable sensibility... they're utility, the things you wear to work in, they're things that have sort of an honesty.

From Mr. Lauren

Black on Black

She came in with the strangest outfits and you could tell she was just trying on identities and being a total geek but people found it endearing.

from here

As a recent college graduate living in new york, I have been closely following Girls, Lena Dunham's new TV show featuring recent college graduates trying to figure out who they are and what they're doing in New York. I can't decide if its an opportunity for introspection, or too close for comfort, but this description by Jemima Kirke of Lena Dunham's high school years has really resonated.

This blog has been a bit schitzophrenic- sometimes I like to think of myself as a grungy minimalist, other times a classicist, other times a roadie for the grateful dead.  At times this feels like a failure of personal style. But I like to look at it this way - I am trying on various identities, and I am moving from one to another with each outfit.

Black on Black