Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ysl cage heels

Am I the only one who hasn't become completely obsessed with these ysl shoes? I can usually get behind the whole architectural bandwagon, but these just don't do it for me- I think its because the straps come off feeling almost geriatric as opposed to sexy.
Whatever it is if Giovanna Battaglia can't make me love them I don't think anyone can.

running in heels

I loved watching this video about the japanese paprazzi- not only do they crack me up, but I also loved seeing our favorite editors in motion. The heels they don look crazy sick in the photos but it was interesting seeing some of the characters in the background trying to navigate (with varying degrees of success) the tuileries in these extreme shoes.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

hot fun in the summertime


I'm going to be spending a chunk of this summer in kenya- it's an amazing opportunity but i'm not going to lie- i'm going to miss chilling with my friends by the pool, feeling the sun


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

the key to happiness?

"being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect
it means looking past the imperfections"

Vogue Nippon

First I was obsessed with the employees of Vogue Paris, then Teen Vogue, but those two magazines have some serious competition from Vogue Nippon. To begin with there's Anna Dello'Russo in all her fierceness. But her co-workers are equally inspirational- I love their classic style and use of color.

fashion crush

Susan Cernek is my new fashion crush.
I am obsessed with her simple outfits. She manages to look without being trendy.
Plus her blog posts over at are really fun to read (who knew glamour had a fashion presence?)
I've already expressed that I'm not exactly the biggest fan of the exaggerated shoulders that have been taking the fashion world by storm.

As Miranda Preistly explains in The Devil Wears Prada, a trend starts on the runway and then works it's way down to casual corner where the proletariat will be able to pick cerulean sweaters out of sale bins. Once everyone and their mothers are swatched in cerulean the fashion crowd moves on to the next hot trend. But with these exaggerated shoulders it seems like the fashion crowd is moving on before the trend has even begun to trickle down to the commoners.

as the ladies over at fashionista observed,

"the over-the-top feel of the 80’s runways have made everyone groan “ew” and mourn the days when sequins, shoulder pads and mini-skirts weren’t all on the same runway"

So if 80's fatigue is hitting hard, does that mean that we're moving on to the next decade before these 80's imitations even hit the racks?

I'm personally going to be looking for clothes without the gimmicky, pieces that won't look entirely out of date within a year, maybe two.

Simple lines, basic colors, uncomplicated pieces of the 90's sound like just the antidote to the fall 09 craziness.

domino's site is down

So I was finally ready to take all of my images off of domino's my deco file only to realize that the website has already been taken down!! all of those images that I had sorted, ready for future blog posts- how incredibly frustrating! I know that they had given us a couple weeks to take stuff down but I feel like they should have said "no really, this is the week we're going to take down the website" just to whip into shape me and all my fellow procastinators.
I still strongly believe that the my deco file is a brilliant idea- someone needs to resurrect it! I think it would be tremendously with all the bloggers and those like me that we'll call the wanna-be bloggers. Seriously though- images are taking over my computer. My desktop image is barely visible. This website was really helpful in keeping my computer less cluttered and my favorite images more organized.

p.s. does the fact that the domino website redirects to the architectural digest website mean that that that's the magazine that's going to be coming in my mailbox instead? I'd really rather get a refund for the remaining issues- that's supposedly what they offered Men's Vogue subscribers when that magazine folded