Monday, March 30, 2009

teen vogue

another pic of the teen vogue fashion team!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


It seems like everyone is claiming proenza schouler's newest bag, the ps 1, as the anti-'it' bag. While I understand that the bag may be covered in gaudy logos, it's still quite distinctive and with all of the press it's gotten I think it will be hard to escape the label.
So I wasn't exactly well imagine my suprise when I saw it on lipstick jungle (yes, I know, it's one of my guilty pleasures). The character playing it is a loud outgoing publicist, in other words exactly the person you would expect to be carrying an 'it' bag.

The bag is totally fabulous, but as an example of an anti-it bag? Hardly.

p.s. props to the costume department. This was so appropriate!

exaggerated shoulders

It's official- the big shoulders of the 80s are back. But I'm not exactly sure that's a good thing. Reading WSJ correspondent Christina Binkley's report from milan got me thinking with a more skeptical eye of all the 80's styles we've been seeing. She spoke of 80's fatigue, and predicted that the collections that were overly reliant on the decade would look entirely out of date within a year, maybe two.

I understand that designers are trying to get consumers to open up their pocketbooks. It seems like you can do that either by one of two ways- a)designing more commercial, basic pieces that appeal to the consumer as an investment, or b) creating exciting, "i gotta have it" pieces that consumers will pay for regardless of their bank statements.

The second method certainly worked for some- balmain's outrageously expensive clothes were flying off the shelves, their $2,165 dollar jeans were quickly sold out.

But I feel like too many designers tried to generate the "i gotta have it" effect by too closly immitating balmain's 80s inspired collection. While balmain has no patent to the exaggerated shoulders these over the top, blown-up shoulders were on practically every runway and ended up feeling omnepresent, stale, and worst of all gimmicky.

You want to inspire us to ignore our sinking portfolio's and spend like it's 2007? Give us something fresh, new and inspired- not something that we've already seen last parade down the runway.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I know that gwenyth paltrow's not necessarily the most popular person- and that her newsletter GOOP hasn't exactly helped anything. But I really do admire the way in which she is able to look so chic day to day- it doesn't look like she's trying to hard or spending hours in front of the mirror. She seems to have a well defined sense of personal style.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I love this woman's style, and I think that it pretty closely approximates mine (at least most of the time- as I've mentioned my style has a strong streak of bipolar). I'm a fan of the stripes, classic denim, classic sunglasses- check check check. Not super exciting, trendy, avantgarde but classic style well done.