Friday, July 15, 2011

Jessica De Ruiter

I've been closely following this girl before I even knew her name. I, like so many others, was instantly taken with the original image in domino. Her style was masculine, classic, and still sexy. A few more photos on the Sartorialist and I was a goner. Back in the summer of 09 Refinery 29 did a tour of her home and her outfits became my shopping guide. She even got a shout out from Garance Dore.

One of my favorite blogs, Tomboy Style, scored an interview with this amazing lady. So great to hear her voice, and to learn that she went through a grunge-meets-claudia-schiffer phase in the 90s.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Forth

I had a surprisingly wonderful day in San Francisco. In the morning my plans fell through, but by the afternoon I was holding a tallboy on a rooftop in San Francisco, seeing old friends and watching the clouds across the bay.

Catherine from Rickshaw Design appears to have had an equally amazing day right north across the bridge. Bolinas is one of my favorite little salty surf towns. My family used to rent a house up there during the summer and I can still remember the anticipation in the death defying drive.

Friday, July 1, 2011

clamshells and cashmere

"an endless summer of canoes and clamshells and cocktails on the porch calls for an effortless wardrobe of August-night cashmere and sunday afternoon skirts bursting with hydrangeas"

-US Vogue, June 2004