Tuesday, July 22, 2008


recently i have been on a major all things studded fixation. I think it started with the givenchy leather jacket, or maybe with those amazing louboutains, and next thing i knew i was reaching for that studded belt in the dusty corner of my closet where i think it had been sitting ever since 7th grade. Yesterday i wore it with my high waisted levis, which i think helped take the jeans out of the 90's.

But my appetite for studs has grown and that old belt is not enough to keep me satiated. Luckily i have come across a couple of studding diy projects on the web. How about this belt turned baracelet (PrincessMLim on Cictopia), or these fabulous studded ballet shoes which strike just the right balance of sweet and tough?

a quick search found studsandspikes.com, a slightly terrifying store where you can buy 50 5/8" studs for only $7.22. the possibilities seem endless- the lapels of a vest, a studded hem of a skirt, or a necklace with a single suspended stud...

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