Wednesday, July 23, 2008


blazers are big. blazers are everywhere

there was balenciaga, etro, stella mccarthy... pretty much every designer has done their take on blazers

So far i have only done the slouchy boyfriend blazer look (trying my best alexander wang impression), but that's because that's what i could come up with after scrounging around the house. I took a blazer from my mom's closet (totally amazing- she doesn't buy much, but she also she doesn't throw much out, so her closet is like my own vintage store) and rolled up the sleeves, trying my best to look like an olsen or erin wasson.

unfortunately i don't have a younger brother, so i'm going to have to do some shopping in order to try the more shrunken, fitted blazer style. So far the good old goodwill has yet to yield any great finds, so i'm thinking about branching out to ebay...

michelle williams and alexa chung looking cute in their little blazers...

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