Thursday, July 24, 2008

battle of the vogues

throughout the blogosphere the carine roitfeld vs. anna wintour match up has been thoroughly dissected. The general consensus is that french vogue is younger, hipper, takes more risks and has more creative editorials. They've even had a transvestite on their cover! All american vogue has to boast of is a bunch of bland socialites writing irrelevent columns, airbrushed celebrities and a lot of caroline trentini jumping in front of a grey background.

But what about US Vogue's brother: Men's vogue? I kind of expect french vogue to be cooler because it's well, french. But why is our american counterpoint doing such a better job?



Their style is topnotch, and their articles are actually interesting. Instead of offering reviews of the newest plastic surgery options, they actually cover areas that are relevent. For example, this month's magazine featured "Beggars & Choosers: why the quest for a second-in-command is the biggest gamble in presidential politics."

I think it's time for vogue to step up their game if they want to stay on top

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