Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fast Fashion

Every time I step into f21 or one of it's fellow fast-fashion stores, a (small) part of me feels guilty. As a rational human being, I know that there is no way they could produce clothes this cheap without some ethically questionable practices. Today's news of a sweatshop right in nyc has made me return once more to these slightly somber thoughts, and made fast fashion seem even less appetizing.

There are other problems with this cheap clothing besides the sweatshops. The nyt a while ago had an article that discussed the environmental footprint that accompanies such cheap, disposable fashion.

I try to keep my lifestyle as sustainable as possible, so why do I stop with fashion? This summer I was lucky enough to travel through europe, and while in italy i noticed that even the lowliest bus driver would wear gucci loafers. I asked him where he got them from hoping to find some secret gucci outlet that only the italians knew about. Unfortunately unfortunately there's no steep discount in the brand's native land. He bought the gucci loafers not because they were at some super secret discount, but rather due to a different ethos over there. They choose quality over quantity. They don't have much, but what they wear is stylish, flattering, and built to last.

Designer labels don't always equal quality, and it's hard to completely resist the magnetic pull of F21, but iIm trying my best. What's not to like about a lighter conscience and stylish staples?

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