Wednesday, January 16, 2008

winter boots

While the cold weather front that is moving into North Carolina (where I attend school) may not be be bringing a ton of rain with it, it does remind me that Rainbows do not exactly constitute cold weather wear.
I've been looking around campus, as well as my favorite fashion websites and blogs to see how other people are coping with the weather. I feel pretty inexperienced in the winter boots department because while the part of california I come from does have real seasons (I promise it's not sand and palm trees 12 months a year), usually winter meant transitioning from sandals to flats, which don't quite cut it here.
there seems to be two main looks: the slouchy boho suede or the taller, more classic, formal equestrian look. I can see the slouchy suede ones being paired with more flowy, hippie tops with cardigans and scarves piled on top and loose waavy hair. The equestrian style ones seems to channel preppy with a twist- funky blazers or bright cardigans over bright, striped or patterned shirts and topped with a messy ponytail. I could also see the more traditional boots being worn with a more minimalist look- thin white tee with a black leather jacket

Finally: just as a whimsical pair of boots I would love to own but would be unwilling to put down the $ for based on my hypothetical cost/wear ratio- these amazing high heel boots. they would look great paired with a pretty dress and tights to toughen up the overall look, or with a tight black bandage style skirt to give some bite to the bark.

P.S. I found this image of Dakota Fanning in an old Teen Vogue. As much as Fanning terrifies me i liked the way these boots were paired with that fairly formal dress.
It could also work with a more floaty low-key dress.
The black tights are a must though!

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