Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Turning Tide

The last couple seasons I've felt a little adrift. I was able to get on the studs bandwagon, but a lot of the other hot trends just fell flat to me. I can't exactly pass for a punk rocker, and I never felt comfortable wearing a bodycon mini. It's not because of my body (though I'll be the first to admit I'm hardly a supermodel. It was more that I didn't feel comfortable dressing in such an overtly sexual, exhibitionist way. Crop tops and mesh just don't do it for me. Dressing like a street walker is neither comfortable, nor sexy.
I feel sexiest when I'm just out of the shower wearing a classic white button down, with my wet hair either pulled into a bun or dripping down my back.
So obviously I'm quite excited about the new tack that most designers seem to be taking. It's like they're embarrassed by their past follies, and are maturing. Many of the outfits are in fact to mature for my current stage of life, but I'm ok with that because finding a style that's "me will be much easier this year than in years past.

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