Saturday, January 17, 2009

“Necklines are stretched and armholes are strategically lowered so that it looks worn in. It’s like sleeping in a T-shirt and then wearing it the next day. It’s not this crisp little T out of the dryer. It’s draped and kind of wilted."
-Alexander Wang on his new diffusion line, T by Alexander Wang

Yes Please!! As a longtime Alexander Wang fan, I was super excited to learn about his diffusion line. I was even more excited to learn that wholesale prices ran $28-$40. And it was available for preorder at saks! Starting at $74 dollars. Holdup, what? Having worked in retail I have some compassion for the store's situation. They have overheads to pay for- like rent, wages, electricity... but this is almost a 200% markup. Maybe that's the industry norm, but that doesn't exactly seem like the way to lure customers, especially if it's a strictly online venture. I understand paying a bit of a markup when I am actually able to benefit from helpful salespeople and being able to try clothes on. But if all I'm doing is ordering from a website paying an extra $46 seems unreasonable.

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