Friday, April 22, 2011

...You say you want a revolution

I know it seems like just yesterday that I was planning my outfits for spring break in the dominican republic. But I am blessed enough to be heading out on another adventure in a ittle less than two months, so it's time to get packing!
My friend is writing a travel article on how to visit Cairo post revolution. From there we'll be sailing on down the nile and checking out the pyramids. Since I don't have to start work until July, I'm trying to figure out where to hang my card after visiting Egypt. Snorkling off the Sinai peninsula? Exploring the ruins of Petra in Jordan? Only time will tell!

While my itinerary is still a work in process, my vision for my suitcase is already shaping up.

dusty pink t shirts tucked into blousy off-white linen plants, fedora, ray ban aviators, silky tunics over white bermuda shorts, long flowy skirts, w thin drapy tees tucked in
white tank tops with gauzy wraps to cover shoulders, leather sandals, wrists and fingers draping in jewelery picked up in souks along the way...

pictures to come soon ...maybe

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