Wednesday, February 3, 2010

nothing but my birthday suit?

I got a trench coat when I was approad, and I've been struggling with how best to wear it around my college campus without appearing like a) a flasher or b) a serial killer. Really though- why is it that everytime a kid comes in and shoots up his high school he's wearing a trench coat?

Ive been inspired by The Sartorialist's project for Burberry but what really sealed the deal was this photo of Emmanuelle Alt and her darling daughter. I've been wearing mine with striped sailor shirts, drapey white alexander wang t's tucked into skinny ripped blue jeans, or a black cashmere v-neck when the rain turned cold.

I'm thinking as long as I keep pairing it with basics and the look will come off as classic, not all-i've-got-under-this-is-my-birthday-suit-and-an-ak-47.

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