Sunday, November 29, 2009

Upper East Side Princess

Fashion bloggers are probably the number one groupies of the French Vogue team. Its hard to deny that Geraldine Saglio or Melanie Huynh have rocked some pretty fabulous outfits. I may have almost fainted out of happiness at seeing Carine Roitfeld earlier this fall. But if we can stop salivating at the long legged rock stars at Vogue Paris, I think we'd see that American Vogue has its fair share of fashionable ladies as well.
Case in point- Meredith Melling Burke. She may have the perfectly done blond highlights of an UES princess, but she still likes to mix it up with some edgier pieces from Alexander Wang. And like any good disciple of Anna Wintour she's not afraid of her fur.

I loved reading her Five Days, Five Looks feature on Vogue's website. You can check it out here. Or if you're feeling lazy, just scroll on down...

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