Saturday, May 9, 2009

Jenna Lyons

So I have a little obsession with j. crew- I worked their last summer and I swear I was one of the best sales associates because I believe in the product that much. I love their classic style that still manages to reflect some of the passing trends. I tended to mix up my cardigans and capris with some of my funkier pieces but the same j. crew items could work just as well on my grandmother.

I've read a lot about Micky Drexler their super detail oriented CEO (he used to call the store we worked at and pretend to be a customer while quizzing us on our knowledge of the store). But recently Jenna Lyons, j. crew's style director. Ever since domino (rip) featured her home, she's been a bit of the belle of the ball with several profiles and interviews. But I have to say my favorite so far is fashionista's- it is an intersting look behind the scenes.

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