Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Vogues tries affordable

The New York Times labelled "recessionista" as one of the words of the year.
With being fashionable on a budget suddenly the new hot thing, Vogue has tried to throw their hat into the ring with this video, The Economists. They challenge their editors to find something "inspired" for under $500. Which is about $500 more than I have to spend. No but really, I understand that $500 is a very constrainig budget for the ladies of vogue, but if they're trying to appeal to the average woman don't you think they could have gone a little lower? Maybe? Especially considering that they were allowed an investment piece that was over $500?

That being said, I find the video pretty interesting (which is probably why it's lingered in my bookmarks since the summer). We get to see Bonnie Morrison dancing, and some shots of the ever allusive Lawren Howell.

some screenshots...

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